Amplifying Voices: Self-Advocacy’s Impact on Lived Experience in Health & Social Care Training

Introduction: In our previous post, we explored how incorporating individuals with lived experience into health and social care training in the UK can transforms learning outcomes. Authentic stories and perspectives have proven invaluable, enriching the educational journey for student & qualified health and social professionals. Expanding on

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Health Campaigns

My Life My Choice

We Can’t Wait’ campaign, striving to ensure that individuals with learning disabilities receive the timely care they deserve and live lives as long as anyone else’s. Why “We Can’t Wait” Matters People with learning disabilities often live much shorter lives—men by 23 years, women by 27 years,

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What Empowers Me

What Empowers Me Cameron Richards I know this is going to sound bad, but I identify as a freak as a person that the world wishes would stay quiet sometimes because I know my voice can be annoying when I try to speak and get muddled up

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