Learning Disability Week 2018

By Samantha

Last week was learning disability week. This is some of what we did.

On Monday 18thJune we had a tea party to start the Treat Me Well Dudley campaign. We had the Mayor of Dudley come to the tea party.

When the tea party had finished, DVC and Lunch on the Run got ready for the Mini Shine Event on the night time. Lots of people turned up and did a performance. I did the Lion King “I just can’t wait to be King” dance. People played the organ, guitar, keyboard, sang, danced and read a poem. Some people got up to do karaoke. Everyone really enjoyed it and was clapping along to the songs. It was a very good night.

On Tuesday 19th June DVC were at Russell’s Hall Hospital with Jacqui Howells the Learning Disability Nurse, doing some training for the adult nurses where we talked to the nurses about what we do as a charity, and told them that DVC was trying to raise awareness for the Treat Me Well Dudley campaign and what we wanted to get out of it.

On the afternoon another member of DVC told his story to raise autism awareness.

On Wednesday 20th June we was at Russell Hall Hospital again. Two members of DVC was in the simulation lab. This is when students usually practice on dummies but this time they practiced on experts by experience. That makes it more realistic and for the nurses.

On Thursday 21st June half of the DVC team was back up in the simulation lab. The rest of the team was in the main reception in the Health Hub telling people about Treat Me Well Dudley and what it is.

Samantha Health Hub Learning Disability Week 2018

Then the Unicorn Centre came along with their Sing and Sign group and we all performed a song called “This Is Me” in main reception at 11am. It was really fun.

On Friday 22nd June DVC was presenting and sharing their experiences with adult student nurses. 3 members of DVC shared their stories to tell people what it is like to have a learning disability. There was a parent and carer there to train the nurses. DVC did games with the nurses about how to communicate and talk to people.

It was a very good week.

We did lots of training and talking and telling people about us and had lots of fun.