What Empowers Me

Cameron Richards

I know this is going to sound bad, but I identify as a freak as a person that the world wishes would stay quiet sometimes because I know my voice can be annoying when I try to speak and get muddled up in my words, but what empowers me is when I get to be the freak and oddball  that I am

So I love going to different open concerts, such as download true. It can cost a pretty penny. However, if you go there, you can be amongst the “wackier” side of the world, when the different types of cultures, no matter what: race, sexuality and religion you are in you are welcome in a concert letting the music deafen you because of the size of the speaker and the likely chance of getting crushed to death because of different weighted people—one of the times that I was able to watch the NTX.

Also, when one small thing is done, it explodes into a significant event. While I was there, a person was proposing to their partner. Yes echoed through the tent, which made it sound more like a community that you are a part of, or do what I do 9/10 of going to the concerns begin collecting the different cups and build a tower which people look out and think I am more than likely trying to prove I am bigger then I am, it childish, yes but the different people will add to it and make it the size of a medieval weapon. I feel empowered when I can find the odd society groups that I fit in.

Another way that I can feel empowered is when it comes to helping the homeless community in my local town. Do I know they are lost because most might be drinkers or substance users? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give them creature comforts such as a cup of tea/ coffee or a set of doughnuts. I will always spend time feeding the homeless. What made me happy once was helping a homeless man with a dog. The creature went missing one day, and the man’s image with a help sign burned across social media like wildfire. Less than a week later, the dog was found and returned. It empowers me to see the different communities support one another.

The last core thing that empowers me still follows the route of finding a community. It’s one that is called the D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) the community, a group of nerds that believe in almost taking on a separate identity allowing us to shake the “mortal” chains. Able to do something that might be unattainable to you due to your physical limitations, like being able to fight the different hordes of creatures that aren’t real, but the consequences of making a wrong decision

are. It’s the same when watching D&D being streamed. You can be called a member of that group. For example, I tend to a group called critical role, and their online family is called critters. Is it childish? Yes, but I am a child in an adult’s body.

I feel empowered to say that I am a geek that loves playing card games as well as being able to get the opportunity to go to live concerts listening to and lifting people around the crowds of people. I am a person that helps feed the homeless and supports people with disabilities. It makes me feel empowered when people try and throw insults at me in order to knock the way that I might feel about being disabled, yet DO I GIVE A CARE HELL NO!


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